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The Master B2B thought leadership series features straight talk and hard truths from the two preeminent thought leaders in the B2B space: Andy Hoar and Brian Beck.

Cut through the noise and separate fact from fiction as Andy and Brian tackle the most pressing and controversial topics confronting B2B companies today. Our Un-Webinars™ are live and interactive—register and join the conversation!

Is “headless” commerce a real thing or just a buzzword?

Will Amazon Business be the death of all distributors?

What are the hidden drivers in Ecommerce that most companies don’t know about?

What mistakes are you making now that will prevent your future success in Ecommerce?

Is launching your own marketplace a good idea or a waste of investment dollars?

What time do you have left to tackle digital transformation, or is it too late?

What skills and resources are missing from your organization to be effective in B2B Ecommerce?

(And how do you build or buy them?)

Where is the ROI from Ecommerce and how do you consistently capture it?

How will Artificial Intelligence (AI) really impact B2B?


Debate-style webcasts—industry experts take sides on the key issues in B2B Ecommerce, and you vote on the winner!


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Is Conversion Rate the True Measure of Success in B2B Ecommerce?

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Executive Roundtables

Intimate peer-to-peer discussion groups—uncover the keys to Ecommerce success in private virtual sessions with other executives


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Advanced Pricing: The Key to Improving Your Profitability?

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