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An on-demand library of past Master B2B Un-Webinars


Man vs. Machine

Who is going to win the war for B2B customer loyalty?

Some say software-driven Ecommerce experiences are rendering the traditional sales and marketing team irrelevant. Others say personal relationships will always win in B2B selling. Who is right?

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Is Headless the Future of B2B Ecommerce?

Is the headless approach to enabling Ecommerce the right answer for B2B firms, or is this just a passing fad? Some say headless future-proofs the business with enormous flexibility while others say it’s costly and doesn’t deliver on critical functionality. What is the right answer for you?

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Why Do B2B Companies Make the Same 3 Ecommerce Mistakes?

Even with almost three decades of Ecommerce in the history books, manufacturers and distributors keep repeating the same mistakes when implementing B2B Ecommerce. Why don’t the lessons of failed roll outs sink in?

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Who’s Better at Simplifying Complex B2B Ecommerce ... Business or IT?

B2B customers’ expectations are higher than ever and selling channels continue to increase in number and complexity. Sales teams are fighting Ecommerce for relevance, channel conflict threatens decades-old relationships, and new entrants such as Amazon Business represent both opportunities and challenges to manufacturers and distributors. Can Ecommerce solutions be simplified?

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The B2B Marketplace Model: Game Changer or Shiny Object?

With $3.6 Trillion in projected sales by 2024, marketplaces are making their mark in B2B. B2B buyers have clearly embraced them, but is this a model that manufacturers and distributors should adopt for themselves?

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