Do Marketplaces Simplify or Complicate Channel Conflict?

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The marketplace model in B2B Ecommerce promises to reduce channel conflict by streamlining seller, reseller, and buyer interaction. Now that we have examples of marketplaces in action, what is the reality?

Has channel conflict been reduced or inflamed within the larger buyer/seller ecosystem?


Can channel conflict be better managed with the marketplace model?

  • What is the business case for marketplaces to reduce conflict?
  • Does the customer really win when channel conflict is reduced or is this just a self-serving and tone-deaf business model? Does concern around conflict outweigh the focus on the customer?
  • Do the practical elements of operating a first-party marketplace - pricing, competitive bidding, fulfillment, and seller management - exacerbate or ameliorate conflict?
  • Does the impact of channel conflict vary by industry and digital maturity?
  • Beyond the first-party company-owned marketplace model, can third-party marketplaces be used to reduce channel conflict?

Join Andy and Brian and a panel of industry experts on April 27th at 2 PM ET as they debate these critical questions and share actionable takeaways for industry practitioners.

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