Google vs. Amazon: Who is Going to Win the War for B2B Product Search?

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The stakes have never been higher—where should you optimize for visibility in the B2B product search game?

Is Google the search engine of choice for B2B buyers, or will Amazon win in B2B product search, just like it has in consumer markets, where it has a 70% share of product searches?

Your marketing dollars and optimization efforts can be wasted if you focus on the wrong platform. And how do you stay relevant to your B2B buyers in this changing world? Gain perspective and hear the arguments from leaders with deep histories and expertise in Amazon Business and Google marketing, and decide for yourself on where your dollars should go in this intense, high energy Master B2B debate!


Google or Amazon: where should you invest your time and energy?

  • Is Amazon destined to capture the majority of B2B searches, as they have in consumer Ecommerce?
  • Where should B2B companies invest their time and effort in optimizing for search visibility? Is this a binary game, or should companies invest in both channels?
  • Will Google ever be a viable commerce competitor to Amazon in commerce?
  • Which channel provides the superior return on advertising investment?
  • Should B2B companies be wary of investing in optimizing for a transactional platform like Amazon vs. a pure search engine like Google? What risks lurk below the surface?
  • What lessons can manufacturers and distributors learn for search optimization on their own Ecommerce web sites from Google and Amazon?

Join Andy and Brian and a panel of industry experts on February 23rd at 2 p.m. ET as they debate these critical issues and share actionable takeaways for industry practitioners.

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