Ecommerce vs. Eprocurement: Where should you invest your time and money?

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B2B companies don’t have endless resources. Are you better off spending your time and money optimizing eCommerce or deepening your use of eProcurement systems?

Get in on the action as two teams of industry insiders go to battle on this critical question—and you get to vote on the winner of the debate!

  • Should B2B sellers invest more in punchout to eCommerce sites or optimize for serving the eProcurement channel?
  • Is eProcurement necessary, or are you better off leveraging existing platforms that are pre-integrated to procurement systems, such as Amazon Business?
  • Are eCommerce and Marketplaces changing the game for eProcurement?
  • Who should own eCommerce and eProcurement—Business or IT?
  • Should B2B sellers actively migrate offline customers to online channels?
  • What do you do about customers who will never move to electronic channels?

Join Andy and Brian as we discover the approaches that seasoned practitioners are using to drive revenue from these channels and how those best practices apply to your business.

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