Should the Digital Team Just Run the Entire Company?


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The digital team has significant influence over the success of B2B businesses - but should digital run the entire company?

From customer experience to sales and lead gen to account activation and fulfillment, digital’s impact is felt across every department in the modern B2B organization.  With pervasive influence, should the digital team just run everything now?


Is digital the central driver of business success in today’s economy, or is it merely a necessary, but backseat, contributor?

  • Are digital selling channels now so important that having this expertise leading at the top of the B2B organization provides competitive advantage?  Does digital expertise in the C-suite now trump product and industry knowledge?
  • Are digital executives capable of leading complicated B2B businesses with long legacies of product and application expertise that have been married to traditional selling channels ranging far beyond Ecommerce? 
  • Can B2B benefit from making senior level B2C / DTC hires, or does this introduce too much change, too quickly?
  • How does leadership balance digital team encroachment on traditional functions while keeping profits, morale and growth up?
  • How do leaders balance the trending digital KPIs of their field with the tried and true metrics B2B was built on?
  • Should the digital team be in its own department, or should every department build a resident digital liaison?

Join Andy and Brian and a panel of industry experts on May 18 at 2 PM ET as they debate these critical issues and share actionable takeaways for industry practitioners.



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