Is Conversion Rate the true measure of success in B2B Ecommerce?

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Website conversion rate has long been viewed as a key metric in measuring success in retail Ecommerce.  But with many channels and touch points, and the importance of the physical sales team, is conversion rate an irrelevant and misleading metric in the world of B2B commerce?

On this Un-Webinar, we will debate how important conversion rate is in measuring success in B2B.  Two teams of industry heavyweights will go to battle over a number of key questions, and YOU get to vote on the winner of the debate.

  • What exactly is conversion rate in B2B commerce?
  • What is a good conversion rate benchmark in B2B, and should the metric’s definition be confined only to online transactions?
  • Does online conversion simply mean we are shifting sales from one channel to another, or can it be a measure of incrementally?
  • Should conversion rate goals be used to reward internal and external teams, or is this a recipe for internal strife?
  • Are there better metrics to use to measure success in digital transformation, such as share of wallet and customer lifetime value?
  • Does a focus on conversion rate make internal alignment and selling to the C-suite easier, or does it introduce risks you don’t want to bear?
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