Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) Changing the Game for B2B Personalization

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Some say Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the answer to delivering a deep, digitally-empowered relationship between buyer and seller, driving enormous economic value and huge gains in loyalty.  Others say AI is not yet ready for prime time and is just a shiny object distracting B2B companies from real ROI-generating efforts. 


What’s the answer?


Has AI arrived in B2B, or is it just an expensive and time consuming diversion from what you should really be focused on?

  • What tangible results are B2B companies seeing from AI in the “real world?”  Can AI truly be used to deepen loyalty?
  • What are the practical AI approaches and tools that can be used to personalize the digital experience?  Is this just about enhanced site search and product recommendations, or is there more to it?
  • Does AI threaten to render the traditional physical selling relationship irrelevant?  Or can AI and the physical sales team co-exist and thrive together? 
  • How do you make a business case around AI and measure success? 

Join Andy and Brian and a panel of industry experts on March 22nd at 2 PM ET as they debate these critical issues and share actionable takeaways for industry practitioners.

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