Peer-to-Peer Executive Roundtable

Building the ROI Case for B2B Ecommerce


What really drives ROI in Ecommerce? Discover the myths and the hidden revenue and profit drivers from digital transformation. How do you get the C-suite and management teams from across the organization aligned behind a common set of value drivers and key metrics to support your digital initiatives?

Join a group of your peers and industry experts to discuss this critical issue in a free, intimate and virtual roundtable hosted by Andy Hoar or Brian Beck. Discussion topics include:

  • Is this just about Ecommerce revenue, or is there more to ROI?
  • What are the ROI surprises in B2B Ecommerce? The hidden costs?
  • How do you make the investment case to your senior management team and key stakeholders?
  • How many business cases is too many? Do you need to solve for every possibility?
  • What is the “I” in “ROI”? How do you understand and define the total cost of ownership of an Ecommerce effort and how should costs be treated (expensed or capitalized)?
  • What key performance indicators can be used to measure success?

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