Peer-to-Peer Executive Roundtable

Managing Channel Conflict while Pursuing B2B Ecommerce


Is the fear of Channel Conflict greater than the perception? B2B companies of all types—manufacturers and distributors—harbor concerns about selling directly via Ecommerce based on long standing channel relationships. How can companies seize their opportunity in Ecommerce while continuing to respect and grow traditional buyer/seller relationships? Is it possible to do both?

Join a group of your peers and industry experts to discuss this critical issue in a free, intimate and virtual roundtable hosted by Andy Hoar or Brian Beck. Discussion topics include:

  • What is the true source of channel conflict—is it about price, human relationships, or something else?
  • Does selling directly via Ecommerce really spell the end of channel relationships?
  • What can the world of B2C retail Ecommerce, where many consumer brands sell direct to customer, teach us about channel conflict in B2B?
  • Does selling via Ecommerce offer any advantages to channel partners that can be leveraged to minimize risks?
  • How do you overcome internal resistance to investments in Ecommerce due to channel conflict concerns?
  • What approaches and policies, such as Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) programs and distribution agreements, can help to mitigate conflict?

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