Peer-to-Peer Executive Roundtable

Amazon Business: Capitalize, Compete, or Both?


With almost $30 BN in estimated sales in 2021, Amazon Business has become the fastest growing part of Amazon and today is one of the world’s largest distributors. From MRO and industrial components to medical products and office supplies, Amazon’s product breadth in B2B is far greater than almost every major traditional distributor. And, with 70% of product search starting on Amazon, B2B brands without a presence on the channel risk their very relevance. But should B2B companies cooperate with Amazon or try to compete? Or do both?

Join a group of your peers and industry experts to discuss this critical issue in a free, intimate and virtual roundtable hosted by Andy Hoar or Brian Beck. Discussion topics include:

  • What role does Amazon Business play in the B2B buyer journey, and how does this vary by product type and industry? Will this change over time?
  • What are the options available for selling on Amazon? Is it truly an ”all or nothing” scenario, or can B2B firms leverage the power of the channel while avoiding risks?
  • What are the elements necessary to build a successful program? What are the cautions?
  • Should manufacturers be concerned about Amazon private label products?
  • How do you get management on board with an Amazon effort?

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