Peer-to-Peer Executive Roundtable

Advanced Pricing: The Key to Improving Your Profitability?


For decades, airlines have successfully used advanced pricing algorithms to optimize prices and grow margins. In that same time, many B2B companies have seen their gross margins decline or even disappear. Can your company use pricing optimization techniques and solutions to improve your profitability?

Join a group of your peers and industry experts to discuss this critical issue in a free, intimate and virtual roundtable hosted by Andy Hoar or Brian Beck. Discussion topics include:

  • What is an “advanced pricing solution” and how it is used today in B2B commerce?
  • What forces are putting downward pressure on gross margins for B2B companies and is pricing optimization really a viable solution?
  • Should B2B companies incorporate advanced pricing now, or is this something to be tackled later (in a more evolutionary way)?
  • Can algorithms really intelligently understand situational context and adjust pricing effectively?
  • Are there other ways to improve margins besides pricing optimization, and are these mutually exclusive or complementary?

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