The B2B Marketplace Model: Game Changer or Shiny Object?

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With $3.6 Trillion in projected sales by 2024, marketplaces are making their mark in B2B. B2B buyers have clearly embraced them, but is this a model that manufacturers and distributors should adopt for themselves?

Many B2B practitioners believe that the company-owned marketplace model enables B2B companies to meet customers’ demands for broad online assortments in a capital-efficient manner, while avoiding channel conflict. But does this approach generate real results or just distract from broader Ecommerce goals?

  • Can company-owned marketplaces be used by traditional B2B firms to achieve first-mover advantage and steal market share, or do Amazon Business, Alibaba, and others already have the market cornered?

  • Do company-owned marketplaces eliminate the value of traditional B2B selling channels, or is there true competitive differentiation to be found in this approach?

  • Are there enough benefits to the company-owned marketplace model to outweigh the risks of surrendering control over content and fulfillment?

  • Can B2B firms feasibly launch a company-owned B2B marketplace if they are still nascent in their own Ecommerce efforts?

  • Are B2B companies better off just selling on third-party marketplaces?


Should you launch your own B2B marketplace, or are you better off sticking with your traditional business model?


Join Andy and Brian and a panel of rock star industry experts as they debate whether the marketplace model is right for your business.

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