Why do B2B Companies Make the Same 3 Ecommerce Mistakes?

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Even with almost three decades of Ecommerce in the history books, manufacturers and distributors keep repeating the same mistakes when implementing B2B Ecommerce. Why don’t the lessons of failed roll outs sink in?

Missteps in three key areas—people, process, and technology—are all too common. During this must-see Master B2B Un-Webinar, we’ll address the most common mistakes and debate whether they are inevitable or avoidable.

How do you avoid making these same mistakes?

  • Should you hire from within for your Ecommerce team or go outside to recruit from the ranks of B2C Ecommerce?

  • Which leader is more likely to create a successful Ecommerce operation, the “bull in a china shop” or the “great collaborator?”

  • Are traditional B2B decision-making models outdated and destined to cause Ecommerce efforts to fail?

  • Should the Ecommerce function operate as a separate entity or within the traditional organizational structure?

  • What is more important in building a technology foundation: time to market or a careful (but time-consuming) Ecommerce platform selection process?

Join Andy and Brian and a panel of industry experts as they debate burning issues in, and share practice advice about, B2B Ecommerce.

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