Is the B2C Customer Experience the Future of B2B Ecommerce?

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By 2025, 75% of B2B buyers will be Amazon-obsessed, digitally centric millennials. Does this mean that B2C consumer retail tactics—such as product reviews, Prime-like fast delivery, and deep online personalization—are necessary for success in B2B Ecommerce?

Or is B2B Ecommerce different, and it is more about digitally-enabling the sales force, operating contract pricing arrangements, and enhancing traditional B2B approaches such as drop shipping?


Which B2C tactics will thrive vs. fail in B2B?

  • Can a B2B company plug in a consumer Ecommerce platform and go?
  • What Ecommerce functionality elements—if any—are necessary to meet the B2C-like expectations of the B2B buyer?
  • Is success really more about reinforcing traditional B2B sales channels and workflows with digital tools?
  • Do B2C omni-channel practices, such as buy-online pick up in store, apply in B2B?
  • Is a 360-degree view of the customer the same in B2B as it is in B2C?

Join Andy and Brian and a panel of industry experts as they debate these critical issues and share actionable takeaways for industry practitioners.

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